Health Professionals

How to Determine Eligibility:

A patient may qualify for hospice with the following:

1. If the patient is demonstrating worsening of overall condition with repeated hospitalizations, ER/Urgent Care visits and they forego aggressive measures.

2. A primary terminal illness diagnosis with other comorbidities contributing to their decline where the patient may have six months to live if the disease takes it natural course. However, patients may stay on hospice longer if they demonstrate continued decline due to life-limiting illness. 

Hospice Diagnoses:

Dementia Diagnoses: Alzheimer’s type, Lewy body, AIDS Related Dementia and degenerative brain diseases

Neurological Disorders: Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Patients in COMA and others with terminal SAH, ICH and SDH

Heart Diseases: CAD, Heart failure

Pulmonary Diseases: Pulmonary Hypertension, COPD, Lung cancer

Cancer: Any type of cancer may qualify the patient

Autoimmune Diseases: SLE, debilitating RA and others

Failure to Thrive: Patients with debility and FTT

Renal Diseases: ESRD

Digestive Diseases: GI malignancies and other irreversible GI conditions


Physician Involvement

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