Our Journey

When it Matters Most

Our mission is to uphold the highest standard in providing quality hospice and palliative care.  Our patients and loved ones are at the focal point of our journey together. 

At First Serenity we believe everyone deserves access to care and that a health plan enhances life.  We believe everyone should have the serenity to accept the things they can change and courage to accept the things they cannot and the wisdom to know that our journey starts NOW, together.

Advanced Care Planning

An Advanced Health Care Directive allows the patient to identify their wishes so family members and loved ones are making informed decisions.  At First Serenity we can assist you with counseling and securing a directive for your loved one.  


FSH are part of a team approach, I feel we have a pyramid relationship with First Serenity and the staff of her nursing facility, and myself. I trust them to give me the best advice and care toward my family member and myself. They are very approachable, and support the healthcare of my family member by being available at all times for questions. They are very responsive when it comes to her health and keep on top of all the changes. I trust their going to be with me thru this journey.

A lot of companies as soon as you sign the paperwork they fall apart and they don’t do what they say they’re going to do… and I have found this to be a complete opposite for First Serenity, if anything they react quickly and come through every time I have needed their assistance and extra support. I think that other families will feel like they were in a partnership with them like I do. I feel comfortable in sharing my concerns, they understand and advise and act accordingly, and have follow thru skills that I appreciate.

— Judy B. – DPOA/Family Member

FSH has impacted my life by helping me to give the best care to my patients. Most of the seniors that live in my assisted living community have trouble transporting to their doctor’s office to receive care and treatment. FSH brings quality care to the patient, wherever they call home. They are extremely responsive to my patient’s needs and concerns. It is easy to see that each one of the FSH employees demonstrates sincere compassion for their patients.

FSH participates in every step of the process, allowing the family members to truly focus on quality time with their loved one. They have many different levels of patient support, including providing patient supplies, skilled nursing care, and spiritual guidance for all involved. When going through a difficult time such as caring for a loved one with a terminal disease, FSH reminds you that you’re not alone.
— Laura M. – Resident Care Coordinator

The First Serenity Hospice team has really done a great job. Please give my thanks to Dr. Salib and all of the other lovely people that have aided in taking care of my sweet old mother. Our family is very lucky to have First Serenity Hospice as pat of our family. You are the best!
— Ellen G.

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